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Wheel Loader HL936

  • HL936

  • LYME

Product Description

compact wheel loaders articulate or use all-wheel drive which is easier on tires, easier on turf and better on fuel. Other advantages include better visibility, faster ground speeds, serious ground clearance, longer wheelbases for better ride quality, greater lift capacities and higher lifting ability. 


A compact wheel loader is an articulating loader that weighs less than 20,000 lbs. Compared to skid steer loaders and compact track loaders, compact wheel loaders offer better fuel consumption, greater lifting capacities, and higher travel speeds. However, they have less hydraulic power, are less able to work under low overhead obstacles, and have larger turning radiuses.


Compact wheel loaders are especially well suited for landscape supply yards, landscape installation, agriculture, and snow removal. They are unbeatable at truck loading small amounts of light material and their articulated turning causes less damage to the ground than a skid steer loader. Compact wheel loaders are compatible with a variety of hydraulic tools including brooms, blowers, trenchers, and mixing buckets, as well as traditional non-hydromechnical tools like forks, buckets, and snow pushes.


Introducing our high-quality wheel loader, the perfect solution for your construction needs. This versatile machine is widely used in various construction projects such as highways, railways, buildings, hydroelectric power plants, ports, and mines. Its primary function is to shovel, load, unload, and transport loose materials such as soil and stones, and can also perform light excavation on rocks and hard soil.

Equipped with different attachments, our wheel loader can also perform tasks such as bulldozing, lifting, and loading and unloading other materials. It is a valuable addition to any construction site, providing efficiency and productivity in completing tasks.

In road construction, our wheel loader is ideal for filling and excavation work in roadbed engineering, as well as collecting and loading materials in asphalt and cement concrete yards. Its exceptional performance and reliability make it an essential tool for any construction project.

Invest in our wheel loader and experience the convenience and efficiency it brings to your construction site. Our product is designed to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Get yours today and take the first step towards a successful construction project.

Introducing our top-of-the-line Wheel Loader, the ultimate solution for a variety of heavy-duty tasks in construction and mining industries. Designed to handle loading, pushing, lifting, and towing operations, this versatile machinery is ideal for open-pit mining, railway construction, road building, and more.

With its powerful performance and advanced features, our Wheel Loader is the perfect replacement for excavators and trucks, serving as the primary equipment for mining, loading, and transportation in small and medium-sized open-pit mines. It can also work in conjunction with trucks and transport mined rocks to crushing stations.

In larger open-pit mines, our Wheel Loader can work seamlessly with excavators to tackle complex tasks such as selective mining, end-of-face operations, pile fragmentation, and ditch excavation. It can also handle joint mining, loading, and transportation on steep slopes, making it the go-to equipment for challenging mining operations.

Built with durability and efficiency in mind, our Wheel Loader is an indispensable tool for any mining or construction project. Invest in our top-quality machinery today and experience the power and performance you need to get the job done right.

Qingdao HIMETAL industrial Co., Ltd. specialises in the small scraper machinery, mining machinery, compaction machinery and paving machinery research and development, manufacturing and sales. Himetal focuses on the small units, high ratio of mechanical engineering research as well as providing simple solutions for clients.
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