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What are the precautions for self-loading the mixer?

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A self-loading mixer is a kind of construction engineering machinery, mainly used for mixing cement, sand, and gravel, all kinds of dry powder mortar, and other building materials. This is a machine in which a shaft with blades rotates in a cylinder or tank to agitate and mix colorful raw accouterments into an admixture or a suitable thickness. Next, let's take a look at the precautions for self-loading a mixer truck.

Here is the content list:

  • Seven precautions for self-loading mixer.

  • Cleaning precautions for self-loading mixer.

  • Operation steps and precautions for self-loading mixer.

Seven precautions for self-loading mixer.

First, the self-loading mixer should be set in a flat position, and the front and rear axles should be padded with square wood so that the tires are placed in the air, to avoid walking when starting. Second, the self-loading mixer should implement secondary leakage protection. After the power is turned on before going to work, it must be carefully checked, and it can be used only after the empty car test transfer is deemed qualified. During the trial operation, it should be checked whether the rotating speed of the mixing barrel is applicable. In general, the speed of the empty auto is slightly faster than that of the auto (after lading) by 2~3revolutions. However, the rate of the driving wheel to the transmission wheel should be acclimated, If the difference is large. Third, the gyration direction of the mixing barrel should be in the direction indicated by the arrow. However, the motor wiring should be corrected, if it isn't true. Fourth, check whether the transmission clutch and brake are flexible and reliable, whether the wire rope is damaged, whether the track pulley is in good condition, and there are no obstacles around and Lubrication of each part, etc. Fifth, after turning on the machine, always pay attention to whether the operation of each part of the self-loading concrete mixer is normal. When shutting down, always check whether the blades of the self-loading mixer are bent and whether the screws are knocked down or loose. Sixth, when the concrete mixing is completed or it's anticipated to stop for further than 1 hour, in addition to draining the remaining accouterments, pour monuments and water into the shaking barrel, turn on the machine, wash the mortar that sticks to the barrel, and also discharge it all. There should be no accumulated water in the barrel to help the barrel and blades from rusting. At the same time, the dust accumulation outside the mixing barrel should also be gutted to keep the ministry clean and in good condition. Seventh, after getting off work and when the machine is not in use, the switch should be turned off and the switch box should be locked to ensure safety.

Cleaning precautions for self-loading mixer.

When cleaning the self-loading mixer, you should pay attention to the following matters: First, regularly carry out maintenance and maintenance operations of the items stipulated in the maintenance regulations, such as cleaning, lubrication, refueling, etc. Second, before starting the mobile self-loading concrete mixer, check whether the controllers are in good condition. After the shutdown, pour water and stones into the mixing drum for 10 to 15 minutes for cleaning, and then remove the water and stones. If the operator needs to enter the mixing drum for cleaning, in addition to cutting off the power supply and removing the fuse, the switch box must be locked. Third, it is forbidden to use a sledgehammer to remove the concrete accumulated in the self-loading mixer barrel. It can only be removed with a chisel. Fourth, in the severe cold season, after the work is completed, the mixer drum should be washed with water and the water in the water pump, water tank, and water pipe should be drained to prevent the water pump, water tank, and water pipe from freezing.

Operation steps and precautions for self-loading mixer.

First, turn the function switch on the column to the "automatic" position, press the start switch on the controller, and the entire running program will automatically control the operation. Second, the whole process will automatically stop after the operation is completed. If you need to stop in the middle of the operation project, you can press the stop button and then restart. Third, after pressing the start button, the display will start to show the time, slow, sand, fast, stop, fast, and running lights flashing on time. Fourth, during automatic control, all switches of manual functions must be turned to the stop position. It is worth noting that the gap between the blade and the pot wall should be 3mm ± 2mm with a measuring gauge. However, the upper and lower positions of the blade can be acclimated to reach the specified range, If the gap is out of forbearance. After each use, the shifting blade and pot should be gutted in time. The electrical corridor should avoid violent vibration, keep down from water and high temperature, and pay attention to dust forestallment. Knowing how to use the mixer can ameliorate the effectiveness of engineering work. The structural design of the self-loading mixer directly affects the adaptability to various concretes and the strength and wear resistance of the material. Therefore, in the structural design of the self-loading mobile concrete mixer, it is necessary to fully absorb and learn from the advantages of various mixers to continuously improve the performance and use of the mixer, and enhance the mixing capacity of the mixer.

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