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The basic structure and scope of application of wheel loader

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The main function of a wheel loader is to shovel and transport loose materials over short distances. It is one of the models with the fastest development, the largest production and sales volume, and the largest market demand for construction machinery. We usually see the wheel loader the most, as opposed to the crawler-type wheel loader. Compared with the crawler type, it has the advantages of good maneuverability, no damage to the road surface, and convenient operation. So the small wheel loader is widely used. So, let's take a look at the basic structure and scope of application of the wheel loader.

Here is the content list:

  • What is the basic structure of a wheel loader?

  • What is the scope of application of wheel loader?

What is the basic structure of a wheel loader?

Wheel loader is generally composed of a frame, power transmission system, walking device, working device, steering brake device, hydraulic system, and control system. The power of the engine is transmitted to the gearbox through the torque converter, and then the gearbox transmits the power to the front and rear axles through the transmission shaft and respectively to drive the wheels to rotate. The internal combustion engine power also drives the hydraulic pump through the transfer case. The working device consists of a boom, rocker's arm, connecting rod, bucket, boom hydraulic cylinder, and rocker arm hydraulic cylinder. One end of the boom is hinged on the frame, and the other end is installed with a bucket. The lifting and lowering of the boom are driven by the boom hydraulic cylinder, and the overturning of the bucket is realized by the bucket hydraulic cylinder through the rocker arm and the connecting rod. The frame consists of two parts, front and rear, which are connected by hinge pins in the middle. Using the steering hydraulic cylinder, the front and rear frames can be rotated relative to the hinge pins to realize steering.

What is the scope of application of wheel loader?

Years of production practice at home and abroad have proved that the wheel loader is suitable for the following aspects: first, the 2-ton mini wheel loader is used for loading, pushing and dumping, lifting and Towing, and other operations. Second, in small and medium-sized open-hole mines, it's used to replace excavators and motorcars as the main mining, lading, and transportation outfit of the mine; it can be operated in confluence with motorcars, and can also be used to transport ore to the crushing station. Third, in some large open-hole mines, wheel haul cooperates with excavators to carry out mining and lading work and other supplementary operations under complex conditions (similar as sorting mining, end of working face, blasting and dispersing, digging fosses, etc.). Fourth, the wheel loader can be used for mining, lading, and transportation combined operations on working faces with large pitches to complete delicate mining work. The common tire type and straggler type frontal haul have their characteristics. Although the straggler-type frontal haul has large traction and digging force, and has better off-road and climbing performance, it has low speed and strictness. Occasionally a caravan is needed to transfer to the job point, and the construction cost is high. Thus, the straggler-type frontal haul is infrequently used in open-hole mines, and the wheel haul is the most generally used in mines all over the world, so its production volume is large, and its product technology has developed fleetly. The largest model has a pail capacity of 40m3.

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