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Operation of crawler excavator

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A crawler excavator is an earth-moving machine that uses a bucket to excavate materials above or below the bearing surface and load them into a transport vehicle or unload it to a stockyard. The shoveled accouterments are substantially soil, coal, ground, soil, and gemstone after-loosening. From the perspective of the development of construction machinery, the development of a mini excavator 1.2-ton crawler is relatively fast. It is widely used in special machinery and equipment for mining and urban and rural construction, with advanced performance and unique technology. Next, let's take a look at the operation of the crawler excavator.

Here is the content list:

  • Smooth operation method

  • Notable actions

  • Correct walking

Smooth operation method

When working, the stability of the crawler excavator can not only improve work efficiency, and prolong the life of the machine, but also ensure safe operation (place the machine on a flatter ground). The drive sprocket is more stable on the rear side than on the front side and can prevent the final drive from being hit by external forces. The wheelbase of the crawler on the ground is always greater than the wheelbase, so the forward working stability is good, and lateral operation should be avoided as much as possible. To keep the dig point close to the machine to improve stability and the mini excavator hydraulic crawler. If the excavation point is far away from the machine, the operation will be unstable due to the forward movement of the center of gravity. Lateral excavation is less stable than forwarding excavation. If the excavation point is far away from the center of the body, the machine will be more unstable, so the excavation point and the center of the body should maintain a proper distance to make the operation balanced and efficient.

Notable actions

The hydraulic cylinder is equipped with a buffer device that gradually relieves the back pressure near the end of the stroke. If an impact load is applied after reaching the end of the stroke, the piston will directly hit the cylinder head or the cylinder bottom, which is likely to cause an accident, so try to leave as much clearance as possible at the end stroke. Bulldozing operation using the rotary action will cause abnormal stress on the bucket and working device, resulting in twisting or cracking of the weld, or even the pin shaft is broken. This operation should be avoided as much as possible. Using the weight of the crawler excavator to excavate will cause the slewing bearing to be abnormally stressed, and at the same time, it will produce strong vibration and impact on the chassis, so the application of hydraulic cylinders or hydraulic pipelines will cause great damage. When loading and unloading heavy materials such as rocks, unloading should be close to the bottom of the crawler excavator compartment, or load mud first, and then load rocks. Unloading at high altitudes is prohibited to reduce the impact damage to the mini excavator crawler. When the straggler is deeply immersed in the slush, place a rustic board under the pail, use the nethermost end of the pail to support the straggler, and also place a rustic board under the straggler to drive the machine out.

Correct walking

When the mini small crawler excavators walk, the working device should be retracted as far as possible and close to the center of the body to maintain stability. Put the final drive in the back to protect the final drive. Avoid driving over obstacles similar to tree wholes and jewels as much as possible to help the track from twisting. However, make sure that the center of the track is on the handicap if you must drive over a handicap. When passing the mound, always use the working device to support the lattice to help the vehicle body from shaking violently or indeed tilting over. Stopping the machine on a steep pitch for a long time at footling speed should be avoided, else, it'll beget poor lubrication due to the change of the oil painting position angle. The long-distance crawler excavator will cause a high temperature inside the roller and the final drive due to long-term rotation, the viscosity of the oil will decrease and the lubrication will be poor. Thus, it should be shut down constantly to cool down and protract the life of the lower body. It's interdicted to carry out excavation operations by the driving force of walking, else, the inordinate cargo will beget early wear and tear or damage to the final drive, straggler, and other lower corridors. When walking uphill, the drive wheel should be behind to increase the adhesion of the track on the ground. When walking upwardly, the driving wheel should be in front, and the upper track should be tensed to help the auto body from sliding forward under the action of graveness and causing peril when parking. When walking on the pitch, the working device should be placed in the front to insure safety. After parking, gently fit the pail into the ground and put the block under the track. When turning on steep slopes, slow down and turn the left track back when turning left, and turn the right track back when turning right, which can reduce the danger when turning on a slope.

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