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Introduction and operation of LYME loader cab

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This is an automatic model

Here are the operating steps

Step 1. Turn on the power switch.

Step 2. Check to see whether the joystick is in the neutral state, and then activating the vehicle.

Step 3. Raise the boom up and curl the bucket to have the boom hinge point 40cm to 50cm off the ground. 

Step 4.  Hold the steering wheel with your right hand and put the lever in the required gear with your left hand.

Step 5. Observe the situation around the vehicle, press the horn and release the hand brake.

Step 6. Step on the accelerator pedal gradually to make the loader start smoothly.

While starting, listen to the sound of the engine, if the rotate speed drops, continue to step the accelerator pedal to increase the engine speed to facilitate the starting.

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