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How wheel loader works and its advantages

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Wheel loader is a kind of scraper machine widely used in highways, railways, ports, wharves, coal, mine, water conservancy, national defense, and other engineering and urban construction. It plays an important part in reducing labor intensity, speeding up design construction, and perfecting design quality. So, let's take a look at the working principle and advantages of the small wheel loader.

Here is the content list:

  • How does the wheel loader work?

  • What are the advantages of a wheel loader?

How does the wheel loader work?

A wheel loader can be divided into a power system, mechanical system, hydraulic system, and control system. As an organic whole, the performance of the wheel loader is not only related to the performance of the mechanical parts of the working device but also the performance of the hydraulic system and the control system. The motive power of the 2-ton mini-wheel loader is generally provided by a diesel engine. The diesel engine has the characteristics of reliable operation, hard power characteristic curve, fuel economy, etc., which meets the requirements of a wheel loader with harsh working conditions and variable load. The mechanical system of the wheel loader mainly includes a running device, a steering mechanism, and a working device. The function of the hydraulic system of the wheel loader is to convert the mechanical energy of the engine with fuel oil as the medium, convert it into hydraulic energy by the oil pump, and then transfer it to the oil cylinder, oil motor, etc. to convert it into mechanical energy. The control system is a system that controls the engine, hydraulic pump, multi-way reversing valve, and actuator. The hydraulic control drive mechanism is a device that converts tiny power electrical or mechanical energy into powerful hydraulic and mechanical energy in a hydraulic control system. It consists of hydraulic power modification factors, hydraulic selectors, and loads, and is the core of static and dynamic analysis in hydraulic systems.

What are the advantages of a wheel loader?

In open-pit mines with suitable conditions, the use of wheel loaders can highlight the advantages of the following aspects: first, the wheel loader has a fast walking speed, short working cycle time, and high loading efficiency. According to the mine calibration data, the front-mounted machine with a bucket capacity of 5~8m3 can reach a speed of more than 35km/h, which is 30~90 times faster than that of an electric shovel. Each working cycle only takes 40~45s, and the average production capacity of each shift can reach 3500~4000t, the average labor productivity can be increased by 50%~100%. Second, the weight of the telescopic wheel loader is relatively light, which is equivalent to 1/8~1/6 of the mass of the excavator with the same bucket capacity, which saves a lot of steel. The manufacturing cost is only 1/4~1/3 of the excavator, and the price is higher than that of the excavator. The machine is cheap, which can reduce the investment in the product outfit of the mine and reduce the proportion of fixed means. Third, the wheel haul has a strong climbing capability and good project. It can carry out lading operations on the pitch working face that isn't allowed by the excavator, especially in the recently erected mine point that lacks electricity, which can speed up the mine operation. Develop construction and dock the construction period. Fourth, the depreciation period of the wheel loader is only 1/4~1/8 of the excavator, and the new and more advanced equipment can be replaced after 5~6 years of operation, which is accessible for mine operation and conservation work and is conducive to the relief of outfit. Fifth, the wheel loader is easier to operate than the excavator, so it can shorten the driver training time. At the same time, a wheel loader only needs one driver to operate, which can save manpower, material, and financial resources.

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