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How to maintain a crawler excavator?

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The purpose of regular maintenance of the mini excavator 1.2-ton crawler is to reduce machine failures, prolong machine life, shorten machine downtime, improve work efficiency and reduce operating costs. By managing fuel, lubricants, water, and air, failures can be reduced by 70%. Around 70% of failures are due to poor management. Next, let's take a look at how to maintain the crawler excavator.

Here is the content list:

  • Reasonable selection of hydraulic oil.

  • Good hydraulic oil cooling system.

  • Check the relevant hydraulic parameters in the system.

  • Exclude abnormal internal leakage.

  • Prevent the volumetric efficiency of the element from decreasing.

Reasonable selection of hydraulic oil.

First, the principle of hydraulic oil viscosity to determine the hydraulic oil viscosity is to make the hydraulic oil viscosity in the range (16-36x10-6mm2/s) under the premise of considering the working temperature and efficiency of the hydraulic circuit; the short time corresponding to the minimum temperature of the environment Cold start viscosity ≤1000X10-6mm2/s; and viscosity ≥10X10-6mm2/s corresponding to short-time allowable leakage oil temperature of 90℃. The second is the viscosity index (VI). This index directly reflects the change of oil viscosity with temperature, (that is, the viscosity-temperature characteristics of oil). The degree of change is small; on the contrary, it is large. Third, another comprehensive performance is due to the high working pressure of the crawler excavator hydraulic system (≥32MPa), and the allowable working oil temperature of the hydraulic oil is also high (about 90 °C). Normal operation requires the oil selected for the system to have good lubricity, oxidation stability, anti-wear, anti-rust and anti-corrosion, anti-emulsification, anti-foaming, shear stability, and extreme pressure load quality.

Good hydraulic oil cooling system.

A good hydraulic oil cooling system improves the hydraulic oil cooling system (more precisely, the hydraulic oil temperature control system) of the crawler excavator. Although the specific methods adopted by each manufacturer are different, the basic idea is the same. The temperature of the hydraulic oil can be balanced in an ideal range during continuous operation, and the hydraulic system can quickly heat up when it is put into work in a cold state (reaching the normal working temperature range of the oil). On the premise of using qualified hydraulic oil, when the hydraulic oil is overheated, the inspection steps for the hydraulic oil heat dissipation temperature control system are as follows: Check whether the hydraulic oil radiator is blocked by dirt, which will reduce the heat dissipation efficiency. Clean the radiator if necessary. The actual working pressure of the system at the fan speed is detected under extreme conditions to determine whether the hydraulic parts of the circuit are faulty and whether the oil temperature sensor or control circuit is working properly. At this time, both the fan speed and the system working pressure should be at the maximum value; otherwise, the corresponding parameters of the system should be adjusted or the damaged components should be replaced.

Check the relevant hydraulic parameters in the system.

There are two main control modes of the mini excavator hydraulic crawler working pump: limit load regulation (GLR) and load sensing regulation (LS) with pressure cut-off function (ie CUT-OFF function). The function of the CUT-OFF function is that when the working pressure of the system reaches the set value, the swash plate angle of the variable pump decreases so that the pump can only maintain the "residual" flow state required to maintain the pressure to avoid overflow. Overheating due to overflow of the flow valve. To achieve this, the system parameters are matched so that the setting value of the CUT-OFF valve is lower than the setting value of the primary pressure valve in the circuit according to the technical requirements; otherwise, the opening of the primary pressure valve will cause the overflow to overheat. At the same time, check whether the secondary valve is working normally. This work must be carried out in strict accordance with the technical requirements, and if necessary, the relevant parameters of the system should be rehabilitated.

Exclude abnormal internal leakage.

Elimination of abnormal internal leakage mainly refers to abnormal internal leakage caused by directional valve and pressure valve jamming caused by the contamination of hydraulic oil in the crawler excavator system. Inspection method: measure the pressure, check the function, or listen to whether there is abnormal noise ("throttle flushing sound" caused by the valve port is not closed tightly), or touch to check whether the temperature is locally too high.

Prevent the volumetric efficiency of the element from decreasing.

Attention should be paid to both abnormal wear and normal wear. The former may occur in a very short period, and it can be judged by checking the quality of the oil and combining it with the function of the system (such as whether the actuator moves normally, whether the speed drops, etc.); the latter should follow certain rules and should be integrated. Inspect and take timely measures. The design of the crawler excavator is based on the concept of achieving high-efficiency operation with superior performance. The key components are purchased internationally, with excellent performance and reliable use. It is suitable for industrial construction, civil construction, road construction, municipal engineering, farmland water conservancy, oilfield mines and ports, and other earthwork projects, is ideal construction equipment with a short return on investment period.

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