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Electric Hydraulic Mini Mobile Scissor Lift Table 12m

24V battery powered hydraulic scissor lift table 200kg 320kg 450kg lift platform
Electric Hydraulic Mini Mobile Scissor Lift Table
  • LGSPT1012

  • LYME

The self-propelled scissor lift is a special equipment for high-altitude operations with a wide range of uses. Its scissor mechanical structure enables the lifting platform to have higher stability, a large working platform and a higher load-bearing capacity, so that the high-altitude operation range is larger, and it is suitable for multiple people to work at the same time.Lifting power is divided into 220V or 380V power source, diesel engine, or battery power source, special environment can also use explosion-proof pump station and explosion-proof electrical appliances. The rise is 4-12 meters, and the load is 0.3 tons. It adopts Italian and domestic hydraulic pump station, and the counter top uses non-slip insulating gusset, which is non-slip, please rest assured to use it.

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Introducing our Electric Mobile Mini Hydraulic Scissor Lift Table, the perfect solution for high-altitude operations in special locations. As the number of high-rise buildings continues to increase and industrialization advances, the use of mobile scissor lift tables has become increasingly common. This is mainly due to its advantages: the platform of our mobile scissor hydraulic lift table is made of diamond mesh pattern steel plate, while the main frame is made of manganese steel material, making it resistant to corrosion and ensuring a long equipment lifespan.

Our lift table also features traction wheels that can rotate at any angle, allowing for smooth operation even in tight spaces. With its compact design and exceptional durability, our Electric Mobile Mini Hydraulic Scissor Lift Table is the ideal choice for any high-altitude job. Trust in our product to help you get the job done safely and efficiently.

Model No.
Loading capacity kg 200 450 450 320
Loading capacity for extension platform kg 100 113 113 113
Max work people
2 3 3 3
Working height mm 6.5 8 10 12
Platform height mm 4.5 6 8 9.75
Overall length(with   ladder) mm 1270 2440 2440 2440
Overall length(without   ladder) mm 1270 2280 2280 2280
Overall Width mm 790 1390 1390 1390
Overall height(Unfold guard bar) mm 2050 2275 2400 2525
Overall height(Fold   guard bar) mm no 1765 1890 2015
Working Platform Size mm 1230x655 2270x1120 2270x1120 2270x1120
Platform extension size mm 540 900 900 900
Minimum turn radius mm 0 0 0 0
Lifting motor V/KW 24/1.2 48/2.2 48/2.2 48/2.2
Walking motor V/KW 2X24/1.5 2X48/4 2X48/4 2X48/4
Travel Speed (Lowered) Km/h 2.4 2 2 2
Travel Speed (Lifting State)
0 0 0 0
Rising/falling speed sec 24/20 24/34 28/38 38/46
Optional battery(Qiujian) V/Ah
8X6/240 8X6/240 8X6/240
Stand battery(Chaowei) V/Ah 2X12/120 8X6/200 8X6/200 8X6/200
Charger V/A 24/15 48/35 48/35 48/35
Maximum climbing ability % 25 30 30 30
Maximum working allowable angle / 1.5°/3° 1.5°/3° 1.5°/3° 1.5°/3°
Overall weight mm 780 2420 2610 2890

These aerial work platforms are equipped with scissors with reinforced arms.  This structure can be easily folded up when you have finished your work.  It allows the basket to pass easily between standard size doors.Scissor lifts are distinguished by their ease of use.  Their particularly compact design makes it easy to move around in tight and confined work spaces.

Although they have different characteristics,scissor lifts have many common advantages:Maximum safety for operatorsEase of use (intuitive controls, ergonomic control station)Robustness and resistanceVersatility of useLarge working heightsEasy maintenanceEase of transportApproved equipmentAdvantages by rangeDiesel Models:Rough-terrain designExceptional crossing capacityElectric Models:CompactnessPlatform extensionGreat autonomyscissor lifts are world-renowned for their performance.    Several other models of aerial work platforms are available for construction and industrial professionals: articulated aerial work platforms, telescopic aerial work platforms, vertical aerial work platforms, etc.


What are the two main advantages of using self-propelled elevating work platforms scissor lift?

Easy maintenance: except for replacements of quick-wear parts, the machine can be maintained easily by referring to maintenance manual/video. Convenient storage: the machine's compact structure after being fully retracted only takes up a small space to store it.

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