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Common Types of Loaders

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Like many industrial devices, wheel loaders come in a wide variety of models and sizes. Additionally, differentiating between loaders is difficult because of their naming conventions. Payloaders, front-end loaders, front loaders, bucket loaders and scoop loaders sound like different devices, but they refer to the same machine. Different types of loaders include:

  • Skid Loaders: Also known as skid steers, these models are compact types of loaders. Unlike larger models, their booms extend beside the cabin instead of in front of it. They require less power and endure less tire wear than other models.

  • Track Loaders: This machine swaps a wheel loader’s tires for a tracked chassis or continuous track. While they are slower than other devices, they remain stable on the most uneven terrain.

  • Backhoe Loaders: In addition to the bucket in front, this machine attaches a backhoe to the loader’s back. This backhoe lets operators sift through patches of unearthed soil with the bucket exposed.

  • Swing Loaders: This device employs a swinging boom instead of a standard bucket. Because the boom can rotate over 180 degrees, this loader can pick up and dump materials on any side.

  • Telescopic Loader: This machine widely used in agriculture and industry. It is somewhat like a forklift but has a boom (telescopic cylinder), making it more a crane than a forklift, with the increased versatility of a single telescopic boom that can extend forwards and upwards from the vehicle. The boom can be fitted with different attachments, such as a bucket, pallet forks, muck grab, or winch.

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