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Comfortable Small-Scale Wheel Excavator For Construction

  • LY-95

Comfortable Driving Construction Small-Scale Mucking Wheel Excavator LY-95

Product Description 


Introducing our versatile and highly mobile Wheel Excavator. Equipped with four large wheels, this powerful machine can easily navigate flat surfaces and make sharp turns. Compared to traditional tracked excavators, the wheel excavator is particularly well-suited for work in urban or construction sites where transportation and maneuverability are key concerns.

The wheel excavator is ideal for digging and moving various types of soil, rock, limestone, and other materials, making it an indispensable tool for construction and clearing projects. With its powerful engine and advanced hydraulic system, the wheel excavator is also capable of handling a wide range of building applications with ease.

Designed to meet the highest standards of durability, reliability, and performance, our wheel excavator provides exceptional value and versatility for a wide range of industries. Whether you are a contractor, builder, or landscaper, our wheel excavator is the perfect choice for your next project. Invest in our Wheel Excavator today and experience the ultimate in efficiency and productivity.

Our wheeled excavators are highly flexible, working either on-road or off-road. The machine provides versatility, allowing you to switch between the attachments you need. Travel at high speeds in the comfort of your cab. Our fuel-efficient engines and well-matched components deliver top power and low-emissions for environmental care.

1.Imported hydraulic parts have more stable performance and better reliability.

2.Longer wheelbase design, better driving stability.

3.Equipped with shovel and outriqger, which is more stable during excavation.

4.Deluxe cab sealing and shock absorption performance better, more comfortable.

Optional accessories

 Product Parameters 

 After Sales Service 


We are famous building machinery manufacturer, professional construction machinery exporter and one stop solution supplier in China, our team have more than 15 years experience in this field already.

1. Warranty: Every product issued shall enjoy a 6 months/ 1200 working hours warranty period, during which we will repair or replace the defective parts free of charge if material or process defects occur and spare parts are in normal working condition.

2. Spare parts: Our factor is dedicated to provide our clients with genuine spare parts with the highest quality,exact fitness and appropriate function.with our global distributor network,you are guaranteed with fast deliveries and services, wherever you are,please submit your spare parts request to us,and list products name ,description of required parts.we guarantee that your request will be handled quickly and appropriately.

3. Installation & Maintenance: Our factor is able to provide with the overall installation of complicated machinery,allowing you to start the normal operation of construction machinery solutions.After installation,we will make inspection of the whole machine,operate equipment,and provide you with testing data reports of installation and operation.

4. Our factor: offer perfect facilities and comfortable environment and can provide training services to different users. The training sessions include product training, operation training, maintenance know-how, technical know-how training, standards, laws and regulations training and other training, all of which are tailored to fulfill your individual needs. Training programs can be conducted in our factory field, or at the client's site.

5. Technical Advice: Our factor can also help customers to coordinate with trained service personnel and provide you with detailed and extensive knowledge. Through our technical advice, your machine life can be significantly extended and sustained high capacity.

 Company Profile 


Shandong Luyu Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 2005 which is located in famous construction machinery town-Shahe, Laizhou, Shandong, now is covering an area of 26,500 square meters and having more than 1500 employees. 

With great efforts of its excellent technical team and cooperation with famous college researching center, Luyu has a wide product range in mini wheel loader, mini crawler excavator, mini wheel excavator, forklift, self loading mixer and various attachments, which is widely used in farmland construction and harvest, pasture loading and cleaning, capital construction and mining, logistic and stocking, etc.

Working as the first batch factories who are focusing on automatic production, Luyu introduced and established advanced laser cutting, robot welding, Germany no dust coating and famous brand assembly lines. 

Luyu warmly welcomes customers from all over the world to join its dealer system to realize the great vision together! 



Introducing our Wheel Loader, the perfect solution for your mining and construction needs. This versatile machine is designed for various operations such as loading, pushing, lifting, and towing in open-pit mining, railway construction, and road building projects.

With its ability to replace excavators and trucks as the primary mining equipment in small to medium-sized open-pit mines, our Wheel Loader is a cost-effective and efficient solution for your mining needs. It can also work in conjunction with trucks and transport ore to crushing stations.

In larger open-pit mines, our Wheel Loader can work in tandem with excavators to handle complex mining and auxiliary operations. Our Wheel Loader is built to handle the toughest conditions and deliver reliable performance every time. Invest in our Wheel Loader today and take your mining and construction operations to the next level.

How About Our Quality Control

Three key quality control points are set up according to the most concerns of customers:

first is core quality control, second is leakage testing control, and the third is dimension, accessories and appearance inspection before packing


We are a tender and friendly supplier, never greedy on windfall profit. Basically, our price remains stable through the year. We only adjust our price based on two situations:

1. The rate of USD: RMB varies significantly according to the international currency exchange rates

2. Factory adjusted the machine price, because of the increasing labor cost, and raw material cost.

Qingdao HIMETAL industrial Co., Ltd. specialises in the small scraper machinery, mining machinery, compaction machinery and paving machinery research and development, manufacturing and sales. Himetal focuses on the small units, high ratio of mechanical engineering research as well as providing simple solutions for clients.
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