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Battery Charger 10m 15.7m Self Propelled Scissor Lift

Battery Charger 10m 15.7m Self Propelled Scissor Lift
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Our Battery Charger 10m and 15.7m Self-Propelled Scissor Lifts are the ultimate solutions for elevated work in a variety of industries. Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, these scissor lifts are engineered to provide exceptional performance, safety, and efficiency.


  • Construction Projects: These self-propelled scissor lifts are perfect for construction sites, allowing workers to access elevated work areas with ease. They are ideal for tasks such as installing ceiling panels, electrical work, and painting.

  • Warehouse Operations: Improve the efficiency of your warehouse operations by using our scissor lifts for tasks like inventory management, shelving installation, and maintenance of high storage areas.

  • Maintenance and Repairs: Whether you're servicing streetlights, HVAC systems, or overhead machinery, these scissor lifts provide a stable and secure platform for maintenance and repair work.

  • Event Setup: Event planners and organizers can benefit from our scissor lifts to set up lighting, sound systems, and decorations at concerts, exhibitions, and sporting events.


  1. Versatility: Our scissor lifts are available in two sizes - 10m and 15.7m - catering to a wide range of height requirements, making them suitable for various tasks and industries.

  2. Self-Propelled: These lifts are equipped with user-friendly controls, allowing operators to move them precisely to the desired location without the need for external assistance.

  3. Battery-Powered: With eco-friendly battery power, our scissor lifts produce zero emissions, making them suitable for indoor use and environmentally conscious projects.

  4. Safety Features: Built-in safety features include anti-tilt mechanisms, emergency stop buttons, and guardrails to ensure the well-being of operators.

  5. Sturdy and Stable: The scissor lift design provides stability even at maximum heights, ensuring a secure platform for working at elevation.

  6. Easy Maintenance: Our scissor lifts are designed for ease of maintenance, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

  7. Compact Design: The compact footprint of these lifts allows them to access tight spaces and navigate through narrow aisles with ease.

New electric scissor lift has the work height at 7.8m, the vehicle width at 0.78m,the platform extension lenght at 0.9m, the rated load at 230kg, max. gradeability at 25%. This vehicle features compact structure, advanced performance, completed safety devices, specially suitable for construction. In addition. It is free of any pollution, with steady lifting / lowering, easy control and maintenance. Therefore, this kind of platforms are widely applied to warehouses, factories, airports, and train stations, especially the narrow work sites.


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