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Basic information on self-loading mixer

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A self-loading mixer, commonly known as a cement mixer, is a device that uniformly mixes aggregates such as cement, sand, or gravel with water to form concrete. A self-loading mixer is mainly composed of a mixing drum, feeding and unloading mechanism, water supply system, prime mover, transmission mechanism, frame, and supporting device. Next, let's take a look at the basic information about the self-loading concrete mixer.

Here is the content list:

  • What is the maintenance of a self-loading mixer?

  • Five functions of self-loading mixer.

  • Stirring quality and operating procedures of self-loading mixer.

What is the maintenance of a self-loading mixer?

First, maintain the cleanliness of the body and remove the dirt and obstacles on the body. Second, check the oil, circuit, and control equipment at each lubricating place, and add lubricating oil as required. Third, before each shift, add water to the mixing drum for 1--2 minutes, and check the reliability of the clutch and braking device at the same time. Fourth, during the operation of the mobile self-loading concrete mixer, you should always check whether the noise of the motor, reducer, and transmission gear is normal and whether the temperature rise is too high. Fifth, after each shift, you should carefully clean the self-loading mixer. Sixth, if you want to ensure its technical performance, you must pay attention to not being shoddy during maintenance and renovation, and you must choose high-quality bearings.

Five functions of self-loading mixer.

First, the self-loading mobile concrete mixer makes the components macroscopically and microscopically uniform. Second, the self-loading mixer destroys the agglomeration of cement particles and promotes the development of dispersion. Third, destroys the initial hydrate film coating on the surface of the cement particles. Fourth, promote the collision and friction between material particles and reduce the influence of dust film. Fifth, increase the number of times that each unit of the mixture participates in the movement and the cross-frequency of the movement trajectory, and accelerate the homogenization.

Stirring quality and operating procedures of self-loading mixer.

To ensure the mixing quality of concrete, it is required that the concrete mixture is evenly mixed, the mixing time is short, the discharge is fast, the residual amount is small, the energy consumption is low and the pollution is low. The main factors affecting the stirring quality of the self-loading mixer are the structure of the self-loading concrete mixer truck, the ratio of the feeding capacity of the self-loading mixer to the geometric volume of the mixing drum, the feeding procedure, and the feeding position of the mixture, and the configuration and arrangement of the stirring blades. The geometric angle, the stirring speed, the wear condition of the blade lining plate, etc.

To ensure the mixing quality of concrete, we need to standardize the operation rules of the self-loading mixer. First, the test run should be empty before mixing. Second, adjust the timing of the time relay according to the stirring time, and pay attention to the adjustment in the case of power failure. Third, the water wets the mixing drum and the blades and the site. Fourth, if there is an electrical or mechanical failure in the process, part of the mixture should be unloaded, the load should be reduced, and the machine should be started after troubleshooting. Fifth, when operating, it should be checked frequently to prevent safety accidents such as electric shock and mechanical injury. Sixth, after the test is completed, turn off the power supply, clean the mixing drum and the site, and clean up.

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