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6m High Quality Self Propelled Scissor Lift for sign hanging

6m High Quality Self Propelled Scissor Lift for sign hanging
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The 6m High-Quality Self-Propelled Scissor Lift for sign hanging is an exceptional piece of equipment designed to elevate your sign installation and maintenance tasks to new heights. This robust and versatile scissor lift is engineered with precision and built to deliver superior performance in a variety of environments. Whether you're a signage professional or a business owner looking to enhance your brand visibility, this scissor lift is your reliable partner in reaching new heights.


This self-propelled scissor lift is tailored for a wide range of applications:

  1. Sign Hanging: The primary purpose of this lift is to facilitate sign hanging and maintenance. It provides stable and secure platform access, ensuring safe and efficient installation or servicing of signs of various sizes and weights.

  2. Building Maintenance: Beyond signage, this scissor lift is a valuable asset for building maintenance tasks, including painting, cleaning, and repairs. Its maneuverability and reach make it a versatile choice for reaching heights safely.

  3. Warehouses and Factories: In industrial settings, this scissor lift aids in reaching high shelves and conducting maintenance on equipment, improving overall operational efficiency.

  4. Events and Expositions: Event planners and exhibitors can benefit from the easy setup of banners and displays in large event spaces.

  5. Construction Sites: On construction sites, it assists with overhead work, allowing workers to access higher areas while maintaining safety standards.


  1. Safety First: Equipped with robust safety features, including guardrails, emergency stop buttons, and non-slip platforms, ensuring the safety of operators.

  2. Impressive Reach: With a maximum working height of 6 meters, this scissor lift provides access to elevated areas that are otherwise challenging to reach.

  3. Self-Propelled: Its self-propelled design simplifies transportation around work sites, reducing downtime and manual effort.

  4. Easy to Maneuver: Compact and agile, it can navigate through narrow aisles and confined spaces, enhancing its usability in various environments.

  5. Durable Construction: Built with high-quality materials, it can withstand the rigors of daily use and harsh weather conditions, ensuring longevity.

  6. Efficient Operation: Designed for quick setup and operation, saving valuable time and labor costs.

Battery charger can be switched on for long periods, ensuring 100% battery charge

Higher productivity thanks to the powered traction also allowed at full height

Reduced environmental impact by electric traction

Easier loading operation on ramps

Self-propelled lifts with automatic walking function, can work in different states, does not require an external power supply, no manual traction, mobile and flexible, easy to operate, lift freely, only one person will be able to complete the forward, backward, turn, fast , slow movements, such as walking up and down movements, labor, and effort. Particularly applicable to railway stations, docks, airports, stadiums, and other large enterprises a wide range of high-altitude operations. At present, the country is the best aerial equipment. The series dual mast lift system, with strong stability.


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